Russ Elliott Biography

Elliott is a designer’s painter and likes the challenge of doing custom murals and paintings. His Hibiscus Restaurant project in North Palm Beach, Fl. for Carleton Varney was a testimony of transformation he created with a stroke of a brush. This Everglades mural was a 35-foot high wall and 45-feet in length. Varney also commissioned him to do the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia as well as Peters Island and the St. Croix Palm Mural, Rookwood restaurant in Ohio and the Trump Tower with clouds and a Koi Pond in a bathroom. The Carlyle Hotel had him restore the famous Bemmelman and the Erte murals with additional panels in the style of the former artists. Custom painting entails having a designer ask for a certain size and subject matter and color palette. Elliott’s work is found in private home and public and commercial buildings.

The Hibiscus was somewhat on the idea of the Famous Copacana in New York City which he restored with new murals and designed three times due to their various moves of establishment in 30 years. The President Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel in New York also had a somewhat tropical design. The Minotaur Restaurant at the Wyndham Hotel featured King Minos’throne room (2,600 B.C.) from the Island of Crete. For the famous Chef David Ruggerio the Le Chantilly Restaurant and Nonna’s at the Galleria. The Irving Hotel in Southampton, New York featured a Casino Library, Rousseau Dining Room and waterlily murals. Lattanzi was done as a Etruscan antique looking eatery. Blackbeards Castle, and Louisenhoj Castle in St.Thomas and Halycon Cove in Antiqua. Chez Josephine N.Y. and Mortimers,the Gaslight Club and the McAlpin Hotel…And my Patron Marissa Beck’s Grill 21 in New York one of my most fun projects... the list is endless after many years of commissions.

Galleries: Bloomingdales Artist in Residence for over 3 years, Rosenbaum Gallery, where I arrived with a young lion on a leash which created quite a stir.  Ambassador gallery, where I did push-ups, and Bruce McGaw and N.Y.Graphic Society and my Patron and sponsor Felice who discovered me and introduced me to serigraphs and Chromacomp. Joan Crawford and Dina Merrill and Cliff Robertson who were kind enough to Host my shows at Gallery 400 along with the United States Olympic Ski Team. Special note Tennesse Williams and Van Johnson who also helped me with my art career thru many years of my career.

Some of the hightlights were Joan Crawford who Carleton Varney introduced me to became my sponsor and patron. Ambassador Gallery show with Jack Palance without "push ups" and Tippi Hedren.

Huntinghartford who asked me to escort the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Salvador Dali’s one man show on Columbus Circle in New York City. Along with their two pugs...who I ended up carrying around the exhibition and drank my Martini and ate all the food in sight. It was a grand evening to say the least.

And my recent appointment to the United Nations as a designer and artist/ muralist for various projects they have in mind... Its been quite a marvelous career so far and thank you to all my patrons for your wonderful help in making it so.

My Art Director is John Lauruska

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